中学 students are part of a global community where they gradually take on more responsibility 和 develop into confident young women.

在学院,跨学科的课程满足早期青少年的发展需要. 将内容与过程相结合有助于学生以真实的方式理解和学习材料. Making connections 和 exploring concepts across a range of disciplines allows students multiple opportunities to learn.
We also offer transition programs on both ends of our 中学 program that are critical for students both entering 和 exiting the program.


我们的学生能够培养真正的自我价值感和自信心. They are encouraged to take academic 和 learning risks in terms of leadership within a supportive learning environment. 中学的中学生在一个舒适的地方学习, 有犯错的机会吗, 在个人和学术上学习和成长.
学生参加一个合作, 团队方法,要求他们进行创建, 设计和确定项目, concepts 和 ideas – allowing them to take on critical teaching 和 learning roles while demonstrating proficiency in a variety of subjects. 教师充当向导, leaders 和 coaches in their classrooms depending on the type of lesson 和 project the students are working on. 阅读, 写作, 听, 演讲和批判性思维技能是我们教学过程的核心.



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  • 艺术

    稳定的十大彩票网站的中学艺术课程提供视觉艺术方面的指导, 声乐, 器乐, 舞蹈和戏剧. 学生的授权是项目成功的关键. 目的是帮助学生, 独立工作和小组工作, 发掘他们的艺术潜能.
    学生们有很多机会表演和展示他们的艺术作品. 他们被鼓励观察自己在课堂上的参与情况, 排练, 公共艺术展览和表演是课堂体验的产物, 作为学习过程中的点. Two main stage theatrical productions are held each year in addition to winter 和 spring orchestral 和 choir concerts 和 the annual Wassail dance 和 choral production.
    中学 students build on the success of their 较低的学校 years by continuing to participate actively in 艺术 as they deepen their knowledge of each art area. 他们的表演和艺术展览反映了他们不断增长的能力.

  • 英语

    中学 英语 provides opportunities for girls to discover their creative voices while at the same time becoming more sophisticated readers, 思想家, 和作家. 当学生从五年级转到八年级时, 它们是渐进的, steady transition to reading more closely 和 more analytically; by Seventh 和 Eighth Grade, students are routinely asked to locate ideas in the text 和 to explain how the text embodies these ideas. 这种成长过程一直持续到高中阶段.
    通过过程书写, 中学生也发展了越来越正式和正确的语言技能. 研究和创造性地使用技术使女孩能够, 经常在小组中工作, to explore the background behind the literature to make that literature more relevant 和 personal to the students. 最后, 中学 students enjoy a wide variety of opportunities to develop their creative side in 写作 和 in speaking.
  • 历史

    The 中学 历史 Program at 稳定的十大彩票网站 is designed to instill the skills 和 habits of historians, 并优先考虑地理和历史的联系. 女孩们学会组织辩论来回答历史的原因, 而不是死记硬背过去的既定叙述. 这个调查, 通过对主要资料的分析促进, 批判性阅读历史文献,并与老师和其他学生合作, 帮助女孩了解自己的文化和当代世界的起源.
    单元是针对中学生的特殊优势和需求, 强调动手学习, 技能发展, 与当前问题的联系, 学习的深度. 学生学习和使用有效的阅读, 研究, 写作, communication 和 study skills during their inquiry into key historical questions throughout the 中学 历史 Program.
    中学课程包括世界历史和五年级地理课程 & 六年级,其次是七年级的美国历史 & 八年级.
  • 数学

    The mathematical experience at 稳定的十大彩票网站 provides the lens for girls to raise their appreciation of the language’s ability to significantly transform our world, 成为强大的问题解决者,能够沟通他们的调查, 和, 通过掌握数学的内部过程, 灌输信心去追求严格的定量高中课程.
    数学的学习以视觉的整合为中心, 口头和符号任务充分发展学生认知能力的深度和广度. The interactive classroom maximizes focused engagement through cooperative 和 meta-cognitive learning. 个人和小组项目调查语言在科学中的应用, 艺术, 商业和家庭使学生能够通过使用发现意义. 
    The 中学 Math program has several levels – comprehensive to accelerate – that allow girls to establish a pace commensurate with their current abilities 和 knowledge. 然而, universal is the objective of an intensive experience culminating in mastering the fundamentals of algebra. The daily commitment of teachers to provide the structure for success enables the student to embrace the wisdom of Aesop: “achievement belongs not to the swiftest but the persistent.”
  • 体育课 & 健康

    身体健康, 技能发展 和 knowledge of sports rules 和 team strategies are the goals of the 体育课 curriculum. 每个学生都被鼓励挑战自我, 学习团队合作的重要性, 并接受良好体育精神的原则. For exceptionally skilled athletes who wish to participate on a junior varsity or varsity level athletic team, 纽约州制定了选择/分类计划. This process screens students to determine their readiness to compete in interscholastic athletic competition by evaluating their physical maturity, 健身, 和技能. 在运动赛季开始之前,体育主任负责管理测试. 父母的许可, consultation with the 中学主任 和 approval by the student’s physician are requirements that must be met prior to participation.

    除了一般的健身活动, students will have the opportunity to develop sport-specific skills as related to each of the interscholastic sports offered in the athletic program beginning in seventh grade. 团队技能, 体育精神, leadership 和 cooperation will also be developed through lead-up type games 和 intramural competition.

  • 科学

    The 中学 科学 program at 稳定的十大彩票网站 is designed to provide opportunities 和 build upon interests of students fostered in our 较低的学校 program 和 prepare them for the 上学校.
    该课程旨在帮助学生了解生物及其世界, 以一种最适合女孩学习需要的方式. Continuing the emphasis of the 较低的学校 on h和s-on experiences 和 a cooperative approach to problem solving, 向学生介绍科学探究的过程. 中学理科学生学习制定假设, 收集和评估数据, 并向他人解释他们的发现, 口头和书面的.
    所有第七 & 八年级学生参加中学科学研讨会, presenting the results of their 研究 to a broader audience of parents 和 local representatives of the scientific community.
  • 技术

    The 中学 curriculum integrates state-of-the-art computing technology into all of the core disciplines. 学生专注于各种计算机应用程序,以增强和建立文字处理技能, 桌面出版系统, 电子表格, 和数据库. 学生使用电脑绘图, 扫描仪, 和 digital cameras to create multimedia presentations by blending digitized graphics 和 sound with text 和 animation, 和 they access the Internet in order to obtain up-to-date information 和 to develop worldwide connections for the purpose of 研究 和 information sharing. 使用这种体验式的学习方法, students become proficient in all aspects of computing technology in the context of their various subject areas. 本学科的计算机科学部分使用机器人学习程序进行教学. 这种方法可以培养学生的编程技能, 解决工程挑战,并作为一个团队合作. 机器人技术包含了物理学、编程学和工程学的基本概念. 学生接受图书馆的指导,以提高研究技能, 比如数据库搜索, periodical use 和 source assessment as well as to increase their ability to independently choose books for pleasure reading.