Congratulations to our Cum Laude Inductees

The highest academic honor that an Academy student can earn is induction into the Cum Laude Society. Each year a dinner is held for the inductees and their parents, as well as a number of faculty and advisors. The Cum Laude dinners, held at Normanside Country Club, highlighted what makes the Academies such a special place. At these dinners, faculty spoke personally and movingly about what makes each Cum Laude inductee so valuable to the school. Student speakers Marleigh S. '23 and Jakob D. '23 offered their personal accounts of their experiences at the school. The parents of each inductee basked in the glow of all of these warm feelings and felt proud of what their child has achieved.
AAG Inductees: Erin B. '23, Almitra G. '23, Abby . '23, Katrina P. '23, Marleigh S. '23
AA Inductees: Gordon A. '23, Jacob C. '23, John D. '23, Jakob D. '23, Gianni D. '23, Max F. '23, Parker L. '23, Carter M. '23, Brett N. '23, Jacob O. '23, Jasraj S. '23, William V. '23

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